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How to install Python and run you first line of code

How to install Python and run you first line of code

1. First step: Official python website

- Go to

- Click on the downloads section.

- Download Python's latest release.


2. Second step: Install Python

- Click on the file you just downloaded and begin the installation.

Python install

-Make sure you check Add Python to Path before you proceed with the installation.

-When this installation is finished you will have Python successfully installed on your machine.


3. Third step: Run your first Python code

- Open your favorite text editor and create a file (you can name it however you want it this is just example).

- Inside file type:

print("Hello world")

- Save the file and open command prompt where you made your python file.

Command prompt

-In my example, I made file inside the Documents folder

-When your command prompt is opened type


You should see the result after you pressed enter.

- If your code showed no errors then this means you successfully installed python on your machine and ran your first line on Python code!

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